Most recent book and library challenges in Aotearoa New Zealand have been about sex education, LGBTIQ+, and trans issues. They have also included topics such as misinformation about Māori history, child-raising manuals supporting physical discipline, and books about vaccination.

Libraries here have experienced protests when delivering Rainbow events, and groups are mobilising to coordinate and share ideas to challenge these events. These challenges often use the language of ‘grooming’ and ‘sexualisation of children’ for events being delivered in libraries. Some of these groups have moved on to include challenges of what children are taught in schools and can access in their school or public libraries. These include the presentation of Rainbow stories and information but are also critical of anyone other than parents supplying information about sex to children and young people.

While this toolkit will help you prepare for challenges on any topic, particular issues to do with the Rainbow community and mis/dis information on Māori history have been expanded upon.


Go to this section on the legal framework, to find a link to the decision from Te Mana Whakaatu Classification Office confirming the unrestricted status for the book Welcome to sex. An unknown party submitted to the Classification Office to seek restrictions on access to the book following unsuccessful attempts to get libraries to remove it.

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