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Treasure Hunting: Information Literacy For International Nursing Students

Author: Janette Telford
Publication date: Sun, 2006-10-01

This paper will describe an information literacy program for new international nursing students at Australian Catholic University.

Each year approximately 300 international students commence nursing studies at ACU. These students have a range of previous experience from overseas as well as varying levels of proficiency in English. Both of these factors are central to the teaching and learning of students. Most of them will be entering year 2 so they miss out on the traditional library orientation for new students. In order to address these problems a Treasure Hunt was created by information services staff in collaboration with nursing academics. The areas covered by the Treasure Hunt include online catalogue, physical library collection, electronic items (Webct, virtual health and e-reserve) and library databases. Also covered is a basic introduction to popular Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The treasure hunt is a compulsory part of the curriculum and the students are assessed not only on attendance of the session but also on the quality of their answers.

Each class has individual difficulties - including cultural, language and computer skills – and hence the library session has to be responsive and adaptable. The content of each session is the same but the presentation may differ according to the needs of the class.

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