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Team Leader/Management

 Job description

A Team Leader assists in the management and operation of the library. Their responsibilities may overlap with the specialist role.  Team Leaders coordinate and control the provision of day-to-day services in the library. 


Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Managing day-to-day operational processes and procedures.
  • Providing clear directions and instructions for staff.
  • Providing and improving customer service.
  • Establishing and maintaining external relationships.
  • Assisting with financial and budget planning.

A more detailed position description for the Team Leader/Manager role can be found here

Remuneration comparison

Figure 3: Remuneration comparison for the team leader/managerial roles

As with specialist and senior management roles, team leaders/general managers are typically paid less than their peers in other sectors. This said, remuneration can be affected by both the size of the library (which implies more challenging facility management component to their role) and the size of the group they are in charge of.

At level 13 this role is likely to be responsible for staff in task focused roles, with the emphasis on scheduling, work allocation, and monitoring.  Managers at this level are also responsible for staff training, and this is the key difference between supervision at level 13, and supervision at level 12.  By grade 15 managers will also be responsible for individuals in specialist roles. Individuals operating at level 13 can expect to be paid at the lower quartile, while individuals working at level 15 can expect to be paid in the upper quartile.


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