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Job description

A specialist role is defined as being Trained towards a specific task/system within the library, such as, (but not necessarily limited to), database management, cataloguing and quality assurance. Specialists may not be wholly restricted to this and may still assist with the day-to-day operation of the library.

Specific responsibilities can include:

  • The management and development of key library systems.
  • Liaising with staff and customers.
  • Managing and controlling the usage of subsystem resources.
  • Participate in department planning including making recommendations for policy/process improvement



Figure 2: Remuneration comparison for the specialist role


The survey data found specialists within the library and information services sector are typically paid less than peers in equivalent roles within local government and the general job market.

This said, expertise between specialists can differ greatly. Because of this salaries also vary. This variance is driven by many factors, but scarcity of specialisation was one of the key factors figuring in wage variations.

Individuals operating at level 13 can expect to be paid at the lower quartile while those working at level 15 are likely to be paid in the upper quartile. Significant variation between specialties was also noted in the survey data.

A detailed position description of the specialist librarian role can be found here

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