Professional Registration

Professional Registration is one of the most important things you can do when starting your career in the library and information profession.

It is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to your personal development and the profession.

The benefits include:

  • increased professional status

  • one-on-one mentoring to guide your professional development in your first year

  • a framework and focus for ongoing training and development goals

  • an assurance for future employers, that a registered member meets professional standards of competency in the body of knowledge and ethics required for professional library and information work

  • proof of your commitment to professional growth and development

  • the right to use the letters "RLIANZA" after your name

  • International benchmarking and recognition of professional library qualifications for New Zealanders wishing to work overseas

The scheme officially recognises library and information professionals who:

  • have studied the body of library professional knowledge to a graduate level

  • can show that they understand and can apply that body of knowledge, and professional ethics, to a satisfactory standard

  • adhere to the code of professional conduct

  • continue to update their professional knowledge throughout their careers.

To qualify for registration, library and information professionals must:

  • show a theoretical understanding of the body of knowledge at graduate level or higher

  • practically apply the body of knowledge in a library or information management environment

    Employer Employer
    Graduate Graduate


Why Register?

It is important to register because it provides you with:

  • ongoing professional development, this is greatly assisted by a mentoring system

  • one of the requirements for eligibility for an Associateship of LIANZA, which recognises and showcases achievement within the profession

  • a framework for employers to help coach you

  • an assurance for future employers that you meet the standards of competency set out in the body of knowledge and ethics required for professional library and information work

  • international benchmarking and recognition of your qualifications if you wish to work overseas. Reciprocal recognition agreements have been formally accepted with the United  Kingdom and are being negotiated with, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United States.

How to Apply

To apply to register, follow the instructions on the Application page

If you have any further questions read the FAQ page or contact the LIANZA office