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Paul Neilson, Cath Sheard and Chris Cormack: Te Ihi, Te Wehi, Te Wana = Koha

Koha is the product of true collaboration between passionate librarians, software developers and support companies - people. All these people share a passion – that information should be free. Together this community is driving the growth of the ILS that dared to be different. That combination of People and passion gives Koha its power – power to change the relationship between libraries and their ILS vendor and become part of the community that drives Koha development.

Paul Neilson, Cath Sheard and Chris Cormack present their paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on the usage of the Koha open source system and how it brings value to libraries.

Koha’s time has come and finally there is some movement in the New Zealand market to with a veritable wave of new libraries coming on board in recent years. Libraries are all about community and collaboration: Koha is the perfect fit for libraries.

Come and see for yourself and try out Koha. This is your chance to see what its all about and bust open those myths you may have heard associated with Koha and Open Source software. Hear from expert users and developers in an interactive session that will let you see how Koha is growing. Koha presents the ultimate opportunity for New Zealand libraries to come together and lead the way in sustainable, collaborative development of a cutting-edge ILS.

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