LIANZA Releases Careers Report

In 2012 LIANZA hosted a national series of workshops on Careers in Libraries presented by Lynley Stone of The Information Workshop. To gain a solid understanding how library careers evolve in our rapidly changing world, an online survey was conducted on behalf of LIANZA, with the preliminary results from the survey being used in the workshops.

The Library Careers Survey is one of the largest conducted of New Zealand library staff, with 869 usable responses collected. The survey explored a range of issues related to career development for librarians through both quantitative and free-text questions.

The survey is a rich source of information about our career choices, from qualifications to professional registration to continuing professional development.  Over the coming weeks, LIANZA will be highlighting areas of the report and posting key resources online.  We are also looking at the results to identify areas of challenge or change for us as an Association.

A copy of the Careers Report is available on the LIANZA website at: LIANZA Careers Survey Report.


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