Koha Leads The Way With New Release

The Koha Integrated Library System version 3.4.0 was launched on Friday 22 April 2011. Koha, a free and open source library management system, has become a popular alternative to proprietary systems with a large number of libraries moving to Koha in the past 12 months.¹

Koha 3.4.0 is a major feature release and contains a significant number of enhancements – including optimising the bibliographic record storage,  significant performance enhancements, a Māori language pack, enhancements to circulations and the OPAC. Patrons are able to add reviews, ratings and recommendations and support for MARC frameworks has been added.

New Zealand based Catalyst IT, along with international partners Biblibre (France) and ByWater Solutions (USA), has played a significant role in supporting Koha's senior developer, Chris Cormack, in his role as Koha Release Manager.

Because Koha is a free and open source system, it is librarians who drive the project and help decide what is included in each release. Development is directly influenced by libraries who ask for features
which are submitted as RFCs (Requests for Comment). This also means that many vendors and developers contribute to its development. Features are added to the Koha repository by the elected
Release Manager. Everything is planned openly and honestly and in full view of the entire Koha Community.²

Catalyst's role in this release includes contributions from Release Manager Chris Cormack, and developers Robin Sheat, Reed Wade, and Srdjan Jankovic who made 286 (21.4%) of the total changes.³

Congratulations are extended to the worldwide Koha Community, which has spent a great deal of time contributing to this new release. Chris Cormack reports that:

“In that 6 months 66 different people have contributed code that has been accepted for the 3.4.0 release. Over 633 bugs and enhancements have been fixed or added and over 1400 patches committed. The community continues to grow with every release as does the pace of development.”4

The next Koha release, 3.6.0, is planned for 22 October 2011. Chris Cormack has been re-elected Release Manager for this release as well, and Catalyst is delighted to continue supporting his efforts and making valuable contributions to the Koha Community.

About Koha:
Koha is a complete modern web-based Library Management System that is currently being used by public, private and corporate libraries, including law libraries and research facilities.

Because there are many hosting and management options when using Koha, clients have freedom.

Clients' data is free from proprietary lock in and can be taken anywhere without additional fees. Koha can be downloaded and run on a client's own servers. No proprietary vendor can hold a client hostage and dictate the price paid to use the software, now or in the future.

MyKoha (http://mykoha.co.nz/) is a cloud based Koha service, essentially Koha plus Catalyst's hosting and management facilities.

For further information, please contact Shelley Gurney: shelley@catalyst.net.nz, +64 4 4992267

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