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Mid Level Librarian

Job description

Mid Level librarians assist in the general operation of the library. Positions at this level require a general library qualification and previous library experience to handle complex queries, whilst ensuring that critical library systems continue to function effectively.

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Actively participate within events and programmes.
  • Develop and deliver subject expertise for a chosen area
  • Arrange and run user education courses.

A more detailed position description for Mid-level librarians can be found here

Remuneration comparison

mid level librarian remuneration comparision chart

Figure 4: Remuneration comparison for mid-level librarians within the LIS, local government and general market sectors.

In general, mid level librarians can expect to be paid as much, if not more than their governmental peers. With the exception of entry level library assistants, this data follows the trend that general market librarians earn more than librarians within the other sectors.

At grade 10, this position requires accountability for the results of workflows and processes. Contribution to organisational projects is also expected. At grade 12 the mid level librarian role takes on first level supervisory tasks and the provision of basic specialist services plus delivery of user education.  The analysis of client insight data to tailor services is also a grade 12 task.

Individuals operating at level 10 can expect to be paid at the lower quartile, while individuals working at level 12 can expect to be paid in the upper quartile.

Examining salary data across library sectors also revealed a gap. A gap exitsed  was present within the three sectors used in LIANZA data (local govt, library and general NZ job market). 

By comparing upper and lower quartile data with grade B step 1 and step 8 pay scales for the associate school library pay grade category in the 2014-2016 support staff in schools collective agreement, A gap was revealled ranging from 28.5% (upper quartile local government) to 38.5% (lower quartile, general NZ job market).

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