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Copyright Advocacy

LIANZA advocates for balanced copyright law in which equal weight is given to creators’ and users’ rights. In particular we advocate on behalf of members about any copyright issues which may affect access to information. Recently this has included voicing opposition to aspects of the Intellectual Property chapter of the TPP Agreement. This will also mean advocating for desirable changes to copyright law during the upcoming copyright review.

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

LIANZA is aware of the possible ramifications of the TPPA in New Zealand. In 2012 LIANZA joined the Fair Deal Coalition advocating for balanced copyright provisions in the TPP.

The text of the TPP has been released


LIANZA's Standing Committee on Copyright welcomes all feedback on this.

Copyright Reform

Changes to copyright have the potential to impact libraries and can restrict a society’s access to knowledge.  

Electronic Reform Bill

The Copyright Committee made a Submission on Electronic Reform Bill.

The Copyright Committee made a Submission on the Marrakesh Treaty implementation as it relates to the availability of copyrighted works to print disabled people in New Zealand.

For more information on copyright and links to some of our advocacy please see our resources page.


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