Preservation SIG


To foster awareness and understanding of preservation issues as they relate to NZ libraries, so that positive outcomes are achieved through effective collaboration.


To deepen knowledge of issues relating to the preservation of NZ’s documentary heritage;

To help develop awareness of strategies, best practice and standards for the preservation of, and access to, a wide range of library information resources, including born-digital and migrated products;

To assist with the development of a National Preservation Strategy and to advise on the implementation of the National Digital Strategy;

To work closely with the National Preservation Office as it facilitates and coordindates preservation initiatives for national documentary heritage collections, with SIG representation on the Client Input Group of the NPO;

To enhance strategic partnerships with allied (regional and national) heritage sectors and organisations, including collaboration on the provision of training, workshops and symposia, and assisting with the regional care and co-ordination of heritage resources; and

To advise the LIANZA Council, and contribute to the development of policy.

Information to members:

Irregular newsletter, Preservation SIGnals; nz-libs.

Payment options for joining

If you are already a member of LIANZA, you need to contact the LIANZA Office ( directly requesting that you be invoiced for new membership of the Preservation SIG.  The cost is $11.50 incl. GST. LIANZA will maintain your membership record.

The LIANZA Council has set the SIG fee for non-LIANZA members at $34.50, so if you are not a member of LIANZA and wish to join the Preservation SIG only, please supply the following details to the Secretary/Treasurer, along with your cheque for $34.50:


Organisation, if any:

Postal Address:


Work Phone:

Home Phone:

If you are not a LIANZA member the Preservation SIG will invoice you annually (after 30 June).

We look forward to your involvement with the Preservation SIG.


Mark Caunter, Heritage Team Leader, Hamilton City Libraries,

PO Box 933, Hamilton 3204.


Fire destroys Glasgow School of Arts iconic library

Posted on: 26 May 2014

Posted by: Fran

The Guardian Newspaper reports on the devastating fire at the Glasgow School of Arts that occurred last Friday.

The Culture Minister has praised firefighers for their response however the 'iconic and unique' library has been destroyed.

The elation that greeted the optimistic prognosis for the building may yet be tempered, when an assessment is completed of damage to the…

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Digital Archiving: Making It Personal at the Public Library blog

Posted on: 16 May 2014

Posted by: Fran

Courtesy of our Auckland Library colleagues, here's an interesting blog from the United States about implementing a digital archiving programme at your local library.

Because personal digital archiving covers so much territory — from scanning to cloud storage to estate planning — it is easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking of ways to implement new programs and events.…

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Preservation news and notices from May 2014

Posted on: 07 May 2014

Posted by: Fran

Here are a couple of notices that may be of interest to Preservation SIG members.

The first is a call for papers to the ARLIS/ANZ conference which occurs immediately after the LIANZA conference in Auckland.  It is held every two years with the conferences generally taking in place in Australia.  New Zealand is hosting this year’s conference, so if you are attending the…

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Happy New Year

Posted on: 01 Jan 2014

Posted by: Bookman

Happy New Year to all Librarians may 2014 be  a great year. Remember "Libraries are for life"



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Getty releases The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes

Posted on: 26 Nov 2013

Posted by: Victoria

I just read a brief article in November issue of The Art Newspaper that discusses The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes. This resource, created by Dusan Stulik and Art Kaplan of The Getty Conservation Institute, helps to provide "scientific information about 11 of the most common processes used in black-and-white-photography" (Art Newspaper, number 251, November…

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