Paul Reynolds Scholarship

Paul Reynolds (1949-2010) was a man who touched the worlds of broadcasting, publishing, libraries, museums, galleries and archives and he was a passionate believer in the transformational power of the internet and the digital world on the lives of people.

Paul had an extensive public profile as an internet and media commentator. He contributed to the thinking behind the government’s Digital Strategy and Digital Content Strategy, serving on the New Zealand Government Digital Strategy Advisory Group and the Capability Panel for the Advanced Network (KAREN). He was a member of the Library and Information Advisory Commission (LIAC), the National Digital Forum Board, and the board of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Two months before he died, he completed his term as the adjunct director of the National Digital Library of the National Library of New Zealand.

Paul loved libraries, museums, art, archives and digital access to them was at the heart of how he thought and worked. And, while heritage was crucial and access to it a basic human right for Paul, he also saw digital as capturing the pulse of the nation in the present. A deep thinker and life long learner with an instinctive belief in people and a strong empathy and sense of care for others, Paul was always a man on a mission and we are fortunate that his mission in life crossed into our world.

Paul was proudly both Kiwi and Scot and identified strongly with each country. He was proud also of his recent work amongst Tangata Whenua and the acceptance he found working amongst Māori. A consummate communicator and a powerful and inspirational orator, he was able to open up new worlds and lay them out before us.  And if we needed it, he was able to challenge what we were doing and gently push us off in a new direction.

This scholarship is in memory of Paul Séamus Reynolds, inspirational, enthusiastic and a digital world citizen.  

This Scholarship is established from donations made by the National Library of New Zealand and friends of Paul Reynolds. The donations are held in trust by LIANZA.

Purpose of Scholarship
The Scholarship, established in 2010, is intended to be used to enhance the knowledge and development of those working in the New Zealand GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives Museums) sector.

The Scholarship will enable the successful applicant to spend a brief time working with an overseas institution in order to research/develop specialist digital knowledge or experience.

It is intended that the Scholarship will support recipients by acting as a fund to provide for travel to an overseas institution and payment of any internship (or similar) fees, or a koha if no fees are sought.

It is not intended to present the Scholarship to be used solely for travelling to conferences or visiting institutions but may be partially used for such a purpose if it is aligned with the internship.

The Scholarship project should reflect the value of the internet for New Zealanders.
Timing and Value of Scholarship
The Scholarship is to be offered every 2 years over a finite period of 10 years i.e. 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019. In the event that no suitable application is received for that year, the Scholarship may not be awarded and will be held over and made available the following year.

A minimum of $5,000 may be awarded to any award winner. Any amounts, including fees, travel and accommodation costs etc in excess of the Scholarship award are the responsibility of the award winner.

Applications for the Scholarship will be advertised through LIANZA, National Digital Forum and other GLAMs sector digital mechanisms by February each year, with a closing date of 30 May. Selection of the successful applicant completed no later than 31 August and announced through the GLAM Sector. The Award will be formally presented at a suitable event depending on what areas of the GLAM Sector the winner comes from.

Qualification Criteria
Eligibility for this award is restricted to those currently working in the digital space within or for the New Zealand GLAM sector.

In awarding the scholarship, the selection panel will take into account the following criteria:

  • Applicant(s)’s commitment to the enhancement and growth of digital experience through the cultural institutions of New Zealand.

  • Proven contribution to a successful GLAM sector digital project with overt customer or public benefit in the preceding two years.

  • Interest or ability to apply the learning gained during the tenure of this award for the benefit of the customers and/or public of one or more institutions within the GLAM sector.

  • Projects that encourage collaboration and instigate new approaches within the digital space of GLAM sector institutions.

Conditions of the Award
The successful applicant(s) will enter into a contract with LIANZA regarding timeframes, completion dates, and forms of dissemination of reports and learning, penalties for non-completion and conditions of Scholarship payment.

The Scholarship must be taken up within one year of it being offered.

The Scholarship recipients must not publish results or have accepted for publication elsewhere prior to submission of results for LIANZA.

The Scholarship recipient must record acknowledgement of the Scholarship in any publication arising from activity supported by the Scholarship.

The successful applicant(s) will normally disseminate results of their research through:

  • One or more reports to LIANZA who may use these reports as appropriate

  • Delivering a paper at the LIANZA Conference, National Digital Forum Conference or at a regional workshop

The successful recipient will be expected to participate in any LIANZA publicity promoting the Scholarship.

Selection Process
The selection panel of three assessors will consist of:

  • a representative appointed by the National Digital Forum Board;

  • a LIANZA representative appointed by the LIANZA Council; and

  • a professional representing digital practitioners within the GLAM sector appointed by the National Library.

To learn more about this award refer to the Code of Practice, Part 2, Section 15

Scholarship open for 2013 applications - 11 Feb

Judging panel for 2013 announced - 19 Feb

Applications close 30 May



Paul Hayton - 'There’s an "app" attitude for that’ – the Powerhouse way! - Paul's presentation at the LIANZA Conference 2012

2013 Virginia Gow - ‘I Hear & I Forget. I See & I Remember. I Do & I Understand’: Report on 2013 ‘Paul Reynolds Scholarship’ placement at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

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